Groundwater Modeling

At AGT, groundwater models are set up based on solid conceptual models. We gather the maximum amount of data possible to set up a suitable conceptual model corresponding to the project. We use modeling to clarify unknown and predict groundwater flow and contaminant transport characteristics to satisfy the client’s project goals and regulatory requirements. Groundwater models can be utilized for different projects such as the following:

  • Groundwater Extraction and Sustainable Yield Analysis
  • Characterization of Aquifer Systems
  • Contaminant Fate and Transport in Porous Media
  • Characterization of Agricultural contaminations such as Nitrate
  • Mine Dewatering and Heavy Metal Mobilization
  • Construction Dewatering Analysis
  • Analysis of Remediation Options
  • Contaminated Site Closure Analysis
  • Saltwater Intrusion into Shallow Shoreline Aquifers

We are capable of running environmental modeling projects across multiple industries and market sectors such as oil and gas, municipalities, construction, mining, and agriculture.

Real field data are employed to calibrate the model to achieve results consistent with the field observations and measurements. In our modeling practice, the approach is to be cost-effective, results-oriented, and emphasizing real-world supporting data and observations. Please contact us at: or +1-587-887-4124.

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