Environmental monitoring

A number of regulatory tools have been created by provincial and federal governments to help protect groundwater resources. These tools are constantly evolving as we gain more knowledge about groundwater and the cumulative effects of its use. At AGT, we keep ourselves up to date with regards to regulations to ensure our clients receive the best services.

There are different regulations used for groundwater management. For instance, under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, approvals issued to industrial operations include provisions to ensure groundwater quality is adequately monitored and protected. Approvals are also issued to municipalities to ensure water is safe to drink. The Water Act prescribes a mandatory process for licensing groundwater use or authorizing contractors to drill water wells.

Regulations cover groundwater protections both in terms of quantity and quality. A listing of main groundwater regulatory documents is provided below:


  • Water Act
  • Water (Ministerial) Regulation
  • Water Wells and Ground Source Heat Exchange Systems Directive
  • Guide to Groundwater Authorization


  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Alberta Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines
  • Standards for Municipal Waterworks – Appendix 1-E: Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water

AGT Groundwater monitoring team is pleased to provide services for monitoring your water resources based on up-to-date regulations. Our services include all components required for an appropriate groundwater monitoring task including:

  • Site Investigation
  • Monitoring Well Network Design and Installation Supervision
  • Identifying Proper Monitoring Parameters for any Specific Site
  • Baseline Groundwater Monitoring,
  • Seasonal and Annual Groundwater Monitoring
  • Regulatory Report Preparation.

We are also able to review the result of the monitoring parameters and refine locations and parameters that need to be monitored to reduce the client’s expenditures. Please contact us at: info@aquagroundtech.com or +1-587-887-4124.

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