dewatering and groundwater control

The necessity of having some form of dewatering scheme is more-or-less inherent in support of many types of mining, ground engineering and construction projects. Classic examples of projects that commonly require a supportive dewatering scheme range from the digging of temporary trenches and excavation of sub-grade footprints that precede foundation and building construction activities, through to longer-term open-pit mining for mineral extraction.

A dewatering scheme, along with its attendant time-line schedules, will be most technically efficient and cost-effective if it is purpose-designed, organized, and implemented in a way that is optimally compatible with the particular demands that are associated with the specific site setting and its specific construction requirements. At the same time, off-site risks may be present that are perhaps not immediately evident. Most exactly, a dewatering scheme that focuses entirely on managing the site-specific attributes and/or interests. Ideally, a dewatering scheme will address all plausible, risks by recognizing not only on-site demands but also possible adjacent off-site implications.

Our hydrogeology team is able to provide you with some immediate insights as to the dewatering needs of a site or sites that you chose to enter. If you already have a dewatering plan, we can review your plan and generate a report with a gap analysis and critique of aspects that may have initially not given prominence in your plan and worth having more precise attention for a successful dewatering scheme.

Our hydrogeology team reviews the geology and hydrogeological data of your site and provides a dewatering estimate and a plan for the dewatering of your project. If the available data are scarce, we are able to design field tests to collect the required data for your dewatering project.  

If you find that your dewatering operation has the potential to be burdened by several broader inter-related challenges or implications, we can provide you with consulting services in terms of developing a suitable corresponding design. Please contact us at: or +1-587-887-4124.

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