Delineation AND remediation of contaminated sites

In Alberta, sites are called contaminated when harmful substances are released and spread into the soil and groundwater. These contaminants may adversely affect humans, plants and animals. Alberta’s environmental legislation sets out clear rules and obligations for the protection, enhancement and wise use of the environment. At AGT, our environmental delineation and remediation strategy deal with understanding the boundaries of contamination in an impacted site and removal of contaminants from soil and sediments, groundwater, or surface water. These services help eliminate/control contamination sources to protect the environment. Our approach to environmental remediation balances risk management and cost control to provide the best path forward in restoring your site. Our services apply:

  • Detailed reviews of historical site investigation and remediation data, including the preparation of gap analyses reports
  • Design and completion of contaminated site delineation to confirm the extent of any soil and groundwater contamination;
  • Developing a cost-effective remediation strategy for the best results with minimal cost to clients.

AGT contaminated sites services are fully provided under and in accordance with the provincial and federal environmental regulations. Alberta environmental regulations recommend the following for contaminated sites:

Record of Site Condition Form

The AER Record of Site Condition (RoSC) of a contaminated site is used to track major environmental parameters for an assessed site. As per the Environmental Site Assessment Standard, an AER Record of Site Condition form and its declarations must be included with all contamination management report submissions.

It should be mentioned that the RoSC form must be filled out electronically, and must be submitted as an independent pdf attachment to the email, not appended to the report (submitted through OneStop Tool).

Delineation of Contaminated Sites (Phase 2: Environmental Site Assessment)

The delineation or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is to ensure that for any contaminated site, a minimum information regarding the nature, depth, and extent of the contamination is gathered. If followed properly, the delineation of a contaminated site is more likely to provide the following:

  • Thoroughly assess the site
  • Accurately delineate the contamination
  • Develop accurate and comprehensive site assessment report.

Phase 3: Remediation

In Alberta, Remediation Action Plan outlines the minimum information that companies must include in a remediation action plan. If any information is missing, government agencies might request additional information, or reject the plan and notify the company. At AGT, we follow Alberta remediation action plan to minimize the possibility for requesting additional information or rejection of the remediation plan for any contaminated site. Please contact us at: or +1-587-887-4124.

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