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Vahid Sohrabi, Ph.D., P.Geo.
Senior Hydrogeologist-Geochemist

Email: v.sohrabi@aquagroundtech.com

Dr. Sohrabi has more than 18 years of professional experience in the field of environmental services in Canada and internationally. He received his Ph.D. with a major in hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo. 

 During his work experience, he has been involved in a wide range of technical projects, encompassing contaminant and physical hydrogeology, water supply, geochemistry, environmental assessments, remediation, as well as water resources exploration, and permitting, municipal projects, agriculture, and mining.

He has designed and managed successful forensic hydrogeology programs including leading-edge hydrogeochemical evaluations for oil and gas projects. Vahid has been involved in different projects that pose groundwater resources management challenges, such as construction site dewatering, multi-well pumping test design and interpretation, microbial proliferation and corresponding rehabilitation, and source/origin water identification.

Vahid has conducted numerous environmental studies on mine sites for their potential environmental impacts such as acid rock drainage (ARD) and metal mobilizations (ML) studies for gold, copper, lead and zinc, hard rock lithium, and oil sands mines.

He has had a major role in the feasibility study of lithium brine projects by contributing to field testing design, site management, result evaluation, hydrochemistry of such deposits, and final designs and developments.


Do not hesitate to contact Vahid at +1 (403) 870 1146 if you are having challenging projects!8

Randolph J Rice, Ph.D., P.Geol.
Technical Advisor-Geology

Email: r.rice@aquagroundtech.com

Dr. Rice is a highly experienced geologist with a diversified career spanning twenty-seven years. He received his Ph.D. in geology from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. His experience encompasses domestic and international work and involving oil and gas, water resources, remediation, mineral exploration, and government survey and academic positions. Recently, he has been mostly involved with the application of stratigraphy in source water exploration, oilfield wastewater disposal, and environmental remediation.

Randy is highly experience and interests focused on hydrocarbon exploration and the application of sedimentary geology to metallic (sedimentary Cu), brine, and energy mineral (Petro-Lithium) exploration.

He specializes in surface and sub-surface mapping and the application of sedimentary models to contaminant remediation and resource delineation. Randy is skilled in outcrop, core, and wire-line log interpretation.

His final academic preparation was in sedimentary geology with considerable metallic and precious mineral exploration experience (Au, Pb, Zn, Ur, diamonds) occurring early in his career. Randy’s academic expertise was focused on clastic sedimentology with field experience in sedimentary rock sequences ranging from Quaternary to Archean in age.

Do not hesitate to contact Randy at +1 (403) 606 7707 if you are having challenging projects!

Matthew Cohen, P.Geo., MBA
Senior Hydrogeologist,
Environmental Manager

Email: m.cohen@aquagroundtech.com

Mr. Cohen has extensive technical knowledge and expertise in environmental consulting, project management, site assessment, remediation studies, water resource, and related services for oil and gas, mining, industrial, and solid waste.

He has also been responsible for client’s projects, regulatory, and First Nations liaison, which involved several meetings with the Environmental Assessment office and the Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources. 

During his work experience, he has been involved in a wide range of technical projects, encompassing hydrogeological assessments in mining projects,  evaluation of geophysical borehole logs, monitoring well design and installation supervision, design and installation of horizontal directional well, geophysics applications for environmental projects to reduce client’s expense, environmental assessments, remediation studies, as well as water supply for industrial and commercial projects. 

Mr. Cohen did the preliminary design of a rapid infiltration basin for disposal of treated municipal wastewater at a remote oil sands lodging facility that accommodated up to 7,000 workers. 

He has been a volunteer in several professional and industry organizations that are directly related to his technical expertise.  

Mr. Cohen has been a full-time faculty member in Geological Technology for nine years at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  He taught courses in exploration geophysics, environmental geophysics, physical and contaminant hydrogeology, environmental assessment and remediation, groundwater modeling with AquiferTest, MODFLOW and MT3D, and geological resource modeling using Surpac, and environmental law.

Do not hesitate to contact Matt at +1 (604) 396 4944 if you are having challenging projects!

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